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Mediation: A Better Option

I am proud of our legal system and have no problem comparing it favorably to any legal system elsewhere. There are, however, time, money and human issues that can make the trial option challenging and sometimes impractical. Mediation is an option within the legal system which uniquely enables parties to shorten the resolution time line, reduce litigation expenses and thoughtfully deal with the human emotional issues arising in litigation.

Mediation is a flexible, voluntary process in which parties, not a jury or a judge, control the outcome. The mediator facilitates communication and helps the parties do the kind of risk analysis needed to achieve a compromise resolution. The process works; it reduces the time, money and stressful anxiety which are an inevitable part of the trial process.

Since the nineties, I have been providing mediation services to my colleagues in Erie, Pittsburgh, Meadville and throughout western Pennsylvania. The mediation process is unquestionably a more positive and superior alternative to trial in many instances. I bring the perspective of a trial attorney with years of both defense and plaintiff cases and a passion for fair and friendly resolution of all cases. I would appreciate the opportunity to mediate a case with you and allow you to see first hand why mediation is a better option for you.

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Do you have a case to mediate or questions about mediation?  Feel free to contact our office and let us explain how our mediation services can work for you.

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